BOCOM Experience Borderless Communication

2020 | Berlin

BOCOM Experience Borderless Communication

LOCATION: Design Offices, Berlin

CLIENT: GCB German Convention Bureau e.V. – C4 Berlin

On behalf of and together with the GCB and C4 Berlin, the project team CPM GmbH co-developed BOCOM and managed the local implementation.

The main focus of our work was to make digital and hybrid event concepts technically feasible under corona conditions.

From floor plan design, the preparation of approvable building and operating descriptions, risk analyses and the approved hygiene concept to the technical conception, consulting in terms of cinematography and the control of guests and participants on site, Projektteam CPM’s team took over comprehensive responsibility for the success of the event.

In detail, the following services were provided:

– Consulting regarding location selection under Corona conditions
– Consulting regarding the choice of location and its technical possibilities (infrastructure like internet, electricity, structural possibilities light etc.)
– Consulting regarding cinematography (“how to keep the stream viewer captivated and attentive in the stream?”)
– Consulting with regard to procedure and program design
– Set Design
– Interior Design
– Event Design
– Consulting on invitation and participant management under corona conditions (service mails with hygiene instructions, FAQs for guests and participants, contactless check-in, contactless access controls for various events, etc.) areas)
– Consultation regarding personnel deployment as well as control of the guest participants on site (implementation or VA under corona conditions)
– Advice on the selection of various online (video) conference, online meeting, online live video streaming systems
– Consulting on CDN and streaming and hosting
– Consulting on remote integration (e.g. RSI – Remote-Simultanous-Interpreting) and the integration of further decentralized elements (e.g. control rooms etc.)
– Consulting on event app in terms of its structure, content and implementation
– Consultation of the decentralized venues and transmission sites on the above mentioned topics
– Consulting and support of further conference content with regard to possible showcases (VR applications, AR applications, interactive conference systems etc.)
– Cost Estimation Conference

– Floor plan of the location and various areas under corona conditions (way of the guest, way of the participants, exhibition areas, F&B areas, conference areas, baking areas, technical areas, outdoor areas)
– Preparation of building and operating permits that can be approved
– Preparation of hygiene concepts that can be approved
– Creation of safety instructions / implementation of safety instructions
– Preparation and supervision of risk assessments
– Technical planning of the central and decentralized event locations or transmission sites

– Technical project management
– Head of Hygiene
– Control of guests and participants under corona conditions

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